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    digressingme wrote a new post, Google is Answering to Slack 1 month, 2 weeks ago

  • digressingme wrote a new post, Find The Missing Create Windows 7 Install Disk 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Today I replaced my SSD with Seagate HDD. Then I thought, why not make a switch with the operating system that I use? While I’m being diligent. My choice went to Windows 7, because it seems I have been absent for […]

  • Making Fantasy Movie With Good Green Screen Background: Once upon a time, the uses of green screens became a luxury for video lovers, even for professional videographers. They had understood the use of chroma key, […]

  • Today, I intended to sell some of my SSDs which, after I think I rarely use. That’s because I’ve turned my MacBook Pro into a Linux laptop. But apparently, selling SSD is not as easy as buying it. Incidentally, I […]

  • Hello, welcome to iMovie Tutorial For Students. Yesterday, I just got a question from my daughter, about a cool, easy and free video editor. There are several names that I recommend her, namely Power Director, […]

  • Pull to Refresh New Chrome OS Feature: Recently I was interested in trying out new features of Chrome OS, which is “pull to refresh”. I wondered what this meant? What is being pulled? Where?

    Apparently, this […]

  • Looking For The Easiest Way To Use Google AdSense Auto Ads?
    I was looking for the easiest way to use Google AdSense Auto Ads on WordPress. That’s because, as a blogger, the most fun thing for me is to earn money from my […]

  • Previously we’ve compared the performance of 15 different web browsers and also discuss extensions that are useful for all web browsers. This time I am looking for something different, which is looking for […]

  • The Best Web Browser Extensions: Running a function to open a site is no longer the only requirement that is run by a web browser. Many functions that must be offered by a web browser to be selected by potential […]

  • If you find this page, chances are you are a musician or a music lover who has a broad insight into the world of music. And guess what? You can share it with readers everywhere. In this website, you can share your […]

  • digressingme wrote a new post, uTorrent Web Free Download for Movie Goers 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Do you still remember that I once wrote about the fun of watching movies binge using Popcorn Time? Now we can do the same with uTorrent Web which we can get from uTorrent Web free download link.
    Read about […]

  • Again, New Exciting Ads Type Launched by Google AdSense!
    Just now, I got a notification that Google has launched its new product for Google AdSense called Google AdSense Auto ads. Its name is self-explanatory, this is the type of ad […]

  • Vivaldi impressed me with its ability to display web pages that I opened in a neat tabular arrangement. This is called tiled tab browsing. I like this because I can see several web pages at once without having to […]

  • I found that switching web browsers is actually more effective and efficient for me because my activities mostly surfing activity in a web browser. Which led me to a new question, “what is the best web browser?” I […]

  • Now I will tell you a bit more of my experience until I found a way to upload photos to Instagram with a web browser.

    So, yesterday I just installed some Google Chrome alternatives, and today I had time to […]

  • Chrome web browser has been my mainstay since seeing its first ad showing how fast Chrome is opening a web page. However, the function of the web browser is no longer just a means of opening web pages but also to […]

  • How to Use Google Drive and Maximize Its Functionality
    All Google users, including Android, automatically have Google Drive, regardless of whether they use it or not. What is generally known is that Google Drive […]

  • Writing a blog is a fun and productive activity. Yes, we can write something today and then get paid two years from now. If our blog is still alive and writing we still have readers. Fortunately, we have a new […]

  • Google Chrome’s New Rule: Ad Blocking
    Again Google issued a controversial decision. Having previously “complicated” the YouTubers by raising requirements to monetize their videos. This time Google is implementing […]

  • History of The Internet Browsers
    In ancient times, the human link with the information available on the internet is through internet explorer (the real meaning) or also called internet browser. At that time one […]

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