Find The Missing Create Windows 7 Install Disk

Find The Missing Create Windows 7 Install Disk

Today I replaced my SSD with Seagate HDD. Then I thought, why not make a switch with the operating system that I use? While I’m being diligent. My choice went to Windows 7, because it seems I have been absent for quite a while. And it seems Windows 7 will give me a lot of […]

Making Fantasy Movie With Good Green Screen Background

Making Fantasy Movie With Good Green Screen Background: Once upon a time, the uses of green screens became a luxury for video lovers, even for professional videographers. They had understood the use of chroma key, and it should also be assisted with advanced equipment and high level of patience while waiting for the…

Things You Should Do Before Buying Used SSD-HDD

Things you should do before buying used SSD-HDD that I learned from some prospective buyers. There are some prospective buyers who ask some things that I think will not be asked when buying a new item. They asked me to send them a video, yes, clear videos and photos of the products that I have included photos when I…

iMovie Tutorial For Students

Hello, welcome to iMovie Tutorial For Students. Yesterday, I just got a question from my daughter, about a cool, easy and free video editor. There are several names that I recommend her, namely Power Director, Splice, and iMovie. Yes, we know that iMovie is an easy-to-use app. But to get good content that will be…

Pull to Refresh New Chrome OS Feature

Pull to Refresh New Chrome OS Feature: Recently I was interested in trying out new features of Chrome OS, which is “pull to refresh”. I wondered what this meant? What is being pulled? Apparently, this feature is a feature like the use of Chrome on mobile devices, which we can drag down the browser in order to refresh.

Minimalist and Elegant Web Browser

Previously we’ve compared the performance of 15 different web browsers and also discuss extensions that are useful for all web browsers. This time I am looking for something different, which is looking for minimalis and elegant web browser. And it turns out I just found the answer beyond the 15 web browsers

The Best Web Browser Extensions Complete Tutorial

The Best Web Browser Extensions: Complete Tutorial: Running a function to open a site is no longer the only requirement that is run by a web browser. Many functions that must be offered by a web browser to be selected by potential users. Fortunately, most popular browsers allow us to add the specific function to the browser…

Make Money By Sharing Music Knowledge

You can share it with readers everywhere. In this website, you can share your knowledge about music, make a review of a piece of music, posting your video reaction while listening or watch music, and even put your own YouTube videos here. In short, you can make money by sharing music knowledge.

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