Finally, I can write a blog today, thanks to Blogpad Pro. Today is a less exciting day because first my MacBook Pro errors, then my Chromebook also error. And I’ve been too lazy to fix it today. Then I wrote an earlier article using the iPhone, and that too with an unpleasant appearance. Often the display does not refresh when I do scrolling and lets me stare at a blank page.

The solution came exactly when I was resigned and chose to watch only the serial movies on my iPad. That’s where I realized that I still have other writing tools. Ha ha ha…

Although initially, I was a bit skeptical because (I thought) the result would not be much different from writing a blog on the iPhone. Immediately I connect my iPad to my Samsung Keyboard that has long been unused since my Samsung broken. :_(

If anyone want to help fix my Samsung, let’s chat below:

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Apparently not too different from other WordPress client app. Writing that I write with a long can just disappear when I moved the application to create a screenshot. Even this paragraph should be far below. It seems better to auto-save me to turn it off, because my writing disappears after Blogpad automatically restore my writing from storage. Edited with BlogPad Pro

It’s okay, I write it again, let’s just practice. Btw, I am continuing to write this using my Macbook Pro which is in Recovery Mode. >:D

Blogpad Pro Feature

Blogpad Pro provides flexibility for editing, such as embedding HTML code and placing images. Here too we can play with a little SEO though not as comfortable and functional as if we do on the web WordPress directly.

After all, in Blogpad Pro I can link to my other articles easily, without having to know the URL of the page I’m headed.

And it offers me something even WordPress can’t do, inserting “next page” section.


Cool and very productive!

For now, I can say that Blogpad Pro has become my favorite alternative besides Blogo

to do blog writing.

In the next article, I will make a comparison between the two. Although, I still choose to use both.

Excerpt From Official Web Blogpad Pro

This is the quote from Blogpad Pro official web, just in case, I didn’t explain correctly.

BlogPad Pro is the most professional blogging app for running ALL your WordPress blogs from your iPad.  Blog online, in airplane mode or when you don’t have an internet connection – just sync your changes when you’re done!

Why don’t you try for yourself?