Chrome OS Update Version 65

I did not realize how much I missed my native Chromebook operating system (Chrome OS) until I installed Chrome OS Update Version 65 .0.3322.0 (Official Build) dev (64-bit) this morning.

Yes, I got this update info a bit late, but not too late … just a couple of days.

Even it’s not recommended for a beginner user like me to install the developer channel, but I tried it anyway. What can I say? My Chromebook survived many things already*, I think it can handle a dev channel update. >:D

Chrome OS Update Version 65

*I have installed Gallium, Pop, Elementary, Zorin, Deepin OS, other Linuxes I found online and even running Phoenix OS to play Android games on this Chromebook.

And again, my C720P didn’t let me down. Everything runs as smooth as a half-done tenderloin. The only thing that bothers me is that I can’t find what’s been changing between this update and the last OS it was on.

But, I found the differences between this version of Chrome and the Chrome web browser installed on my Mac and Linux. And it somehow cheers me like a lot!

This Chrome OS (still) has the Apps and Games section, which have already been stopped from appearing on other Chrome web browser.

Actually, it’s a good strategy to disable those sections and make them exclusively for Chromebook users running Chrome OS. We, as Chromebook users will find the advantage of using Chrome OS and besides, it’s cool for marketing too. 

Perhaps this is how Google thinks if it was a person, “Hmmm… how to make mine stands taller? Let’s just take my stepping stone away from others”.

What Other Thing Does Chromebook Offer Now?

With Chrome keeps pushing the developers to Progressive Web Apps, we can have a better environment. I still remember once I’m complaining that the “Apps” in Chrome Web Store is nothing but a bookmark to its web.

You can see that I also have a “Web App” for this web on the main menu of this website.

It does nothing but putting my icon in your Apps folder and on your browser desktop. Web Apps are so easy to make! This is my tutorial on how to make and sell your Chrome Web App (not progressive web app). Chrome Web Store was populated with crappy apps because it’s (too) easy to make one.

Back to the topic now… since progressive web apps are being pushed to developers, we can see the significant quality improvement over time.

And, my friend… this answer my question of, “what makes Chromebook special if all other computers can easily install and run Chrome Web Browser?”