I want to share common problems Chromebook users face (and how to deal with them) because most of them happened to me and I managed to get out of this situations.

Before you continue reading, there are two things I I would like to ask you:

  1. Do you have a Chromebook?
  2. Are you planning to get one soon?

If either answer is yes, then you’re on the right track here, las.

We all know (based on history) that Chromebook is a cheap laptop using minimum specification. It came pre-installed with Chrome OS which is also very light. Because “almost” everything you do is actually running on the server remotely.

That means if your internet is down, nothing much you can do about it. Yes… yes… there are some Chrome apps we can use offline. But, just being an honest asshole I always am, doing shit offline is not the reason people buying Chromebook in the first place.

So, these are common problems Chromebook users face and how to deal with them:

1. No Wifi at Home 1

There are several cases when your wifi connection got interrupted when you’re using some (even one) Bluetooth devices. It doesn’t seem like a big deal when you don’t have a certain urge to accomplished any task. Wifi receiver in our Chromebook is not something that we can repair yourself (speaking for myself). So, a USB to Ethernet adapter can save our life here. Try to pick one at Amazon.

2. No Wifi at Home 2

This is the scenario, you have everything in your Chromebook all just fine.  But your husband is draining your bandwidth playing MMORPG. Or your wife is draining your internet bandwidth while doing a Korean Drama marathon. F.Y.I Korean Drama is much longer than any Netflix series in one season.

Fix this situation by plugging in your 3G modem and connect with them. Not all brand are compatible, so try to get exactly this one.

3. Yes Wifi >;p

What if we don’t want that tiny ethernet adapter hanging on the side of our Chromebook and makes an awkward situation like having your balls hanging out of your pants? The solution is quite simple, get an external wifi receiver. Make sure it’s Chromebook compatible.

4. Broken/No Display

Have you ever found your Chromebook just won’t lit? Pour some gasoline… No! You can check the power indicator lamp in the color of yellow/red/blue. If it’s on, then maybe it’s “only” your display. You can call an expert to fix that. What if your Chromebook is populated with many of your personal files in your Download folder? You might want to secure this files first.

Simply plug our Chromebook into your TV with HDMI cable and take full control of using your Chromebook display. I can almost guarantee that you will never want to use your Chromebook display anymore after experiencing the fun of having a “generic” smart-TV!

I think that’s it for now. I just remember that I wanted to play online games using my “smart-TV”. I will keep this “Problems Chromebook Users Face” page open to add more points later.