This morning I woke up with an itchy body because it had not showered for several days. This is because the weather is too cold and make me lazy to a bath. As always, the first thing I do is write. Most write about the operating system. Apparently, I ran out of writing material. I do not have any operating system that I can suggest to you other than what I have written.

Fedora 27 is the operating system I haven’t written before. The reason is that I don’t have the deeper knowledge to notice what’s its difference with Ubuntu 17.10. So, in order to get a fresh idea, I decided not to write, and instead watch some trailers, the most interesting is A Quiet Place.

More about A Quiet Place here.

It turned out that I actually got a great article on YouTube! I found a video entitled eXtern OS, uploaded by Anesu C. I thought it was a high budget fan-made video. Very cool! The coolest video review I’ve ever seen. Then I was tempted to download Extern OS through the link it gave.

Get Extern OS here.

Apparently, the video maker was also the maker of eXtern OS. Wow! I never thought someone who created something that cool can be so humble. So, go ahead and support him by subscribing his YouTube channel and his Patreon site.

Let’s Take A Look!

How to Run eXtern OS from USB?

The downside is, we can’t install the eXtern OS on our system (yet). But, hey, we can be a part of its history in the making. You can make the “back in my days” meme about eXtern OS when it’s finally available to be our computer’s main OS.

But, you have 2 options, to run it off a DVD or a USB. The advantage of a USB is that you can enable something called persistence. This allows eXtern to save changes across reboots when you run it on any computer using that USB. Something that no other Live USB support.

Run from USB for Windows Users

Download any bootable USB creator, one that has been tested to work is Linux Live USB Creator and also Rufus.

Run from USB for Linux Users

Download any bootable USB creator, one that has been tested to work that comes with a lot of Distros is “Startup Disk Creator”. If you do not have it you can install it on Debian systems (i.e Ubuntu) using this command:

sudo apt-get install usb-creator-gtk