It has been quite sometimes since the last time I wrote about online photo editor. I was using Pixlr back then, but I guess I don’t need that much editing power right now (and my connection is slowing down lately). Then I found Fotor free online photo editor. An online photo editing and also can be used as an online solution for basic/instant graphic design needs.

Without being nostalgic, maybe you remember when I talked about this (online editor) and was referring to Adobe Spark. Spark is cool, and I still use it occasionally, since I’ve found nothing on par with it yet.

Then I Found  Fotor Free Online Photo Editor

I was intending to make a banner for this website when I remember that I’ve also used Fotor before. And it was not impressive. After a minute or so waiting hopelessly for Adobe Spark to load, I decided to open Fotor instead. And, what a surprise? It comes with a new look. I just couldn’t resist to give it a try.

First, it requires me to login in order to sync my work to its cloud service. You can create a new login or simply use your Facebook account. Being paranoid I always have been, I used another method instead. :p

 Fotor free online photo editor

Then I started to choose from many templates, enough to keep me busy for a week.

The paid version allows  you to remove the ads. I can live with the ads for now. But I believe small screen users won’t get the full potential of Fotor with ads populating their screen. One more thing, you can also apply to be Fotor affiliates and get the best of both worlds. >;)

Well, what do you think? With tons of template to choose, I really think you should bookmark this website!

If you have used both  Fotor free online photo editor and Adobe Spark, I want to know your choice and why?