Google Chrome’s New Rule: Ad Blocking

Again Google issued a controversial decision. Having previously “complicated” the YouTubers by raising requirements to monetize their videos. This time Google is implementing new rules for Google Chrome users.

Read about YouTube hard rule here.

Google Chrome will soon block all ad impressions that are considered annoying, such as the use of auto-play video ads. This is actually a bit ironic considering Google including those who advocate the web browser users to turn off the ad blocker that they use.

For the web maker or service user of Google AdSense, it has been felt for a long time. Google often recommends that ads are made in harmony with the web they are hosting. In fact, Google also often analyze the ads and our web and then suggest improvements in appearance. For example, preventing stacked ads or ads that have an out-of-theme appearance.

Google’s latest interference with ad creation is the Matched Content system.

The last thing is somewhat confusing to some people because the rule is against Google’s rules that require ads to look like ads. Google intent is, do not let our web visitors stuck with the ads we make as part of our article. For example, I can write this, “click the link below to know more”, but I didn’t know what Google Google AdSense ads will appear under this post. Meanwhile, web users most likely “fooled” by the instruction when opening the ad.

See what I mean?

I myself think this rule is good. That way, the web that has been hard-won by the webmaster will not be “spotted” by bad ads. Web visitors will have a more enjoyable experience on the web and in addition, can also conveniently click on what they need.

And I think this will cause the possibility of web visitors to subscribe or start following.

So, have you followed my web?