Why Do We Need Fast WordPress Website?

The answer is, “faster WordPress website is needed because people nowadays lack patience”.  As the internet infrastructure grows, it offers more speed, more bandwidth, range, and power. The downside is, your competitor also ought the capability to imitate your every move. By watching your promo, your layout etc.

And in time, they will go even ahead of you. That metaphor seems exaggerated to you? Maybe. But imagine when you and your competitor are stepping on the same stone, and the way to influence your customer is by getting to them first.

Today’s market, especially in online store business, you don’t go to the customer, but the customer comes to you by visiting your website. They will then decide if they will purchase from you or go to your competitor’s website.

I can’t guarantee if they will buy from you, but I can guarantee that they will undoubtedly go to your competitor’s website if they found that your landing page is poor in design, not user-friendly and sluggish to load.

Why WordPress? (You can skip this part if you already have a running self-hosted WordPress website)

WordPress is the easiest to use (even hard to master) and comes with affordable price. If you want to get extra income, you can even monetize your website easily.

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You can get WordPress here.

If you haven’t got any website, you can contact me for further assistance.

How to Make Your WordPress Website Faster?

This is the most fun part of using WordPress. We can do almost everything by installing plugins. But beware! I’ve crushed my website several times because apparently, I installed too many conflicting plugins. 😀

Keep Image Small

The bigger image takes a longer time to load. In some cases, when your connection is poor, you can see how the image rendered part by part. If you are a kind of people who believe “if you want things done better do it yourself”, you can try my method by using Lightroom. If you want a more simple way, you can install ImageRecycle to give you Faster Wordspress Website.

ImageRecycle will automatically resize and compress your images to an acceptable size, light enough for even a slow 3G connection to load.

You won’t see that thing happen on Apple’s website, no matter how big they put their image on it. Because they…

Keep Only The Essential Plugins Running

Despite the facet that they are a control freak, you will never see any fancy thing running on Apple’ website. .So, take away all of you unused plugins and keep only the “must have”ones. Keep it simple, because your customer doesn’t need too many fancy stuff on your web. They have YouTube for that, and you do too.

So, put your videos on YouTube and embed them to your website. You will get a good revenue from YouTube as well by doing this. Interesting, huh?

You can use WP Fastest Cache to minify and take care of the scripts running on your website.

I guess that’s it for my February edition. I will keep this Faster Wordspress Website page open for further update. Please follow this web to get update notification.