Today I replaced my SSD with Seagate HDD. Then I thought, why not make a switch with the operating system that I use? While I’m being diligent. My choice went to Windows 7, because it seems I have been absent for quite a while. And it seems Windows 7 will give me a lot of material to write. But, it turns out my last experience using Boot Camp is different from this time. I found it difficult to create a Live USB for Windows via Boot Camp. I couldn’t find the missing create Windows 7 install disk.

After hundreds of cursing, I found the video below:

The way in the video was different when I applied on MacBook Pro mid-2010. However, in principle is the same, namely, to give permission for the info.plist file can we edit. You can get your Mac model in your About Mac.

The trick is:

  1. Restart while holding Cmd + R (this to restart to recovery mode).
  2. Select Terminal at the top bar.
  3. Type csrutil disable.
  4. Restart.
  5. Right click on Boot Camp icon in finder, then choose show package content.
  6. Right-click on the info.plist file then look at the instructions on the video about what should be changed (before returning to the next step below).
  7. After changing the permissions, we can right-click the info.plist file to open it in Text Editor and then edit it.

Still not working? Try this tips…

This worked on “MacBookPro14,3” running High Sierra, but there is no DARequiredROMVersion in the info.plist, so instead I just added the Model Identifier (MacBookPro14,3) on ExternationInstall, USBBootSupported, PreWindows10OnlyModels drop down