Dodging and burning is a very basic tool every photographer must know. Yes, I said it… photographer! Being a photographer nowadays without knowing the basic knowledge to do the post-processing is like being a cook without knowing how to serve a dish. And that’s just plain stupid. Being able to do basic photo retouching is your main weapon to survive in the world of “having camera = photographer” era. If your Facebook account is using the word Photography as the last name, this article can save you from humiliating yourself.

Ok, I got It! Tell Me What Is Dodging and Burning!

Dodging and burning “is” actually two separate tools even people tend to say it in one word. These two tools are nested together along with one other tool (sponge). We’ll leave sponge, for now, trust me… it’s not the one comes with SquarePants.

Dodge tool, the one we use for dodging is making the part of your photo lighter. On the other hand, Burn tool, the one we use to burning do exactly the opposite… make the part of your photo darker.

What Is It For?

Both tools are good for:

  1. Adding dimension to a dull photo
  2. Making photo manipulation
  3. Emphasizing point interest in your photo

I Am A Good Photographer Out of The Box

Tell me, do you chemically process your negative? If not, then you’re just an ignorant bastard. Enjoy your life… under the rock. >;p

Let’s Start

This web is not a step-by-step tutorial site. I will make the article from one sample then move to another. That’s how I learned Photoshop and that’s how I gonna share it with you. Keep following this web by clicking the OneSignal red bell.