Solus is one of my favorite Linux distro, judging by the looks only. Earlier today, I had difficulties running command lines. The first thing I checked was my internet connection since I was going to do sudo apt-get update. Apparently my internet connection was fine and that was not the only command line that was not working.

Then I got the answer I was looking for from Gene C on

Here is the list of Solus command line I was looking for:

sudo eopkg up		Solus - Upgrade/Update
sudo eopkg ur		Solus - Update Repo(s)
sudo eopkg ln		Solus - List newest packages in repo
sudo eopkg dc		Solus - delete cache files (clean)
sudo bleachbit		Bleachbit - bb - clean
bleachbit		Bleachbit - bb - clean
eopkg history		HISTORY - upgrade-install package pkg
dmesg > dmesg.log		HISTORY - text output home
cat .bash_history		HISTORY -terminal - list commands
sudo eopkg la		Solus - List all available packages in repo
sudo eopkg lr		Solus - REPO - List repos
sudo eopkg er ?	<repo>	Solus - REPO - Enable repository
sudo eopkg dr ?	<repo>	Solus - REPO - Disable repo
sudo eopkg it ?	<pkg>	Solus - Install package
sudo eopkg ar ?	<repo>	Solus - REPO - Add a Repository
sudo eopkg hs		Solus - History of eopkg/pisi operations
sudo eopkg up -x ?	<pkg>	Solus - EXCLUDE package from Upgrade
sudo eopkg la | grep ?	<pkg type>	Solus - Search for pacakge type
sudo eopkg bl		Solus - Info on Pkg owner and release
sudo eopkg bi		Solus - Build Pisi/eopkg packages
sudo eopkg check		Solus - Verify installation
sudo eopkg clean		Solus - Clean stale locks
sudo eopkg cp		Solus - Configure pending packages
sudo eopkg dt		Solus - Creates delta packages
sudo eopkg em ?	<pkg>	Solus - Build install source packages
sudo eopkg fc ?	<pkg>	Solus - Fetch a package
sudo eopkg help		Solus - Command Help
sudo eopkg info ?	<pkg>	Solus - Display package Info.
sudo eopkg lc		Solus - List available components
sudo eopkg li		Solus - Print list of installed packages
sudo eopkg lp		Solus - List pending packages
sudo eopkg ls		Solus - List sources
sudo eopkg lu		Solus - List packages to be upgraded
sudo eopkg rbd		Solus - Rebuild database
sudo eopkg rm ?	<pkg>	Solus - remove package
sudo eopkg rr ?	<repo>	Solus - Remove repository
sudo eopkg sr ?	<pkg>	Solus - Search packages
sudo eopkg sf	<file>	Solus - Seach for a file
sudo gedit /etc/default/grub		edit grub config
sudo gedit /etc/default/rcS		set time utc
sudo grub-install /dev/sda		Move grub to SDA
sudo update-grub		Update GRUB
systemd-analyze		systemd analyze boot time - sd sysd
systemd-analyze blame		systemd analyze boot time blame - sd sysd
screenfetch		info system distro hwd sf
kill -9 -1		force log out - logout
sudo gedit  /etc/upgrade-system.conf		upgrade- system - edit - du
sudo ufw status verbose		ufw status - settings ( deny (incoming)
sudo gedit  /etc/systemd/journald.conf		edit journal settings - systemd
sudo gedit  /etc/systemd/coredump.conf		coredump systemd - edit
sudo gedit /etc/locale.nopurge		locale  purge localepurge - edit config
sudo gedit /etc/fstab		edit fstab mount partitions
sudo gedit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf		edit lightdm dm
systemctl		systemd log
systemd-analyze critical-chain		systemd analyze log
systemctl --state=failed		systemd  services failed
journalctl -b		systemd journal log
sudo fc-cache -fv		Update fonts
service --status-all		list services boot chkconfig (like)
sudo gedit /etc/adjtime		time  =  local  or utc
sudo gedit /etc/x11/xorg.conf		edit xorg conf nvidia
sudo gedit /etc/gnome/defaults.list		edit default apps applications gnome
cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness		check swappiess - swap
sudo gedit /etc/sysctl.conf		set swap - swappiness (1)
gedit .config/plank/dock1/settings		plank dock config
systemctl --version		system version installed
uname -a		What kernel am I running
sudo lshw		List hardware
lspci		List all PCI devices
cat /proc/version		Kernel Version -FULL Output
inxi -r		Active Repos
inxi -h		INXI Help
lsb_release -a		Linux Release info
java -version		Check for current JAVA version
sudo update-alternatives --config java		Change JAVA version
sudo update-alternatives --config javac		Change JAVA version-c
sudo update-alternatives --config javaws		Change JAVA version-ws
system-config-printer		Config Printer
sudo ufw status		firewall Status
sudo ufw enable		Enable netfilter firewall
sudo ufw disable		Disable netfilter firewall
sudo lspci		attached PCI devices
glxgears		Open GL Test
history		Command History
sudo plymouth-set-default-theme --list		Plymouth Themes - LIST
sudo plymouth-set-default-theme ?	<Name>	Plymouth Themes - CHANGE Theme
sudo gedit /etc/default/grub		grub kernel parameters (quiet splash for Plymouth)
sudo dracut -f		plymouth rebuild kernel
sudo update-grub		plymouth
history > output		Saves Terminal Commands to /home/output
aplay -l		List all soundcards and digital audio devices
df -h		File system disk space usage
free -m		Show RAM usage
ps aux | grep ?	<search>	Search active processes for search string
iwconfig		Display wireless network information
ifconfig -a		Displays the status of the currently active interfaces
lsb_release -a		What version of Ubuntu do I have?
cat ?	path	Read File & Print to Standard Output
ls ?	path	List Folders Contents
ls -lSr ?	path	Show files by size, biggest last
chmod ? ?	file	Change access permissions, change mode
chown ? ?	owner	group, file	Change the owner and/or group of each given file
dmesg		Print kernel & driver messages
history | grep -i ?	command	search history for a command
locate ?	file	Find files (updatedb to update DB)
sudo updatedb		update the database for locate
which ?	command	Show full path name of command
gpg -c ?	file	Encypt a file
gpg ?	file.gpg	Decrypt a file
tar xvf ?	file	decompress/extract .tar
tar xvzf ?	file	decompress/extract tar.gz
tar xjvf ?	file	decompress/extract a  tar.bz2
top		display Linux tasks
netstat		Print network connections and interface statistics
sudo fdisk -l ?	(/dev/sdx)	List partition tables for specified devices
sudo ufw allow ?	port	Open a port in netfilter firewall
sudo ufw deny ?	port	Close a port in netfilter firewall
cat ? ? | sort | uniq > ?	file1, file2	combine, sort and remove duplicates from 2 files
apropos ?	pkg	search the manual page names and descriptions
ip addr		Display info about active network interfaces
ip route		Display currently active routing table
find . -type d		List all directories under current directory
find . -size +?	File size	List all files under current directory over given size
find . -mtime 0		List all files under current directory modified in last 24 hours
find . -newer ?	filename	List all files under current directory newer than given file
find . ! -newer ?	filename	List all files under current directory older than given file
find . -perm -2 ! -type l		List all world-writeable files and directories under current directory
mount		List all mounted filesysystems
sudo umount ?	Device	Un-mount the filesystem from the given device or mount point
sudo mount -av		Mount all automatically mounted filesystems (listed in /etc/fstab)
sudo mount ? ?	Device	Mount given device at given mount point
sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda		List partition table of first hard drive /dev/sda
du -sh .		Display total size of all files and directories under current directory
ls -ltr		List files, most recently modified last
ls -lAd .[^.]*		List all files and directories starting with a dot (all hidden files and directories)
sudo lsof -c ?	command	List files opened by processes beginning with given command name
sudo lsof +D ?	directory	List open files under given directory
sudo lsof -i		List open (Internet) network sockets
sudo lsof -N		List open NFS files
sudo lsof -U		List open Unix domain files (Unix sockets)
gzip -9 ?	Filename	Compress given file using gzip, adding a .gz suffix to its name
bzip2 -9 ?	Filename	Compress given file using bzip2b, adding a .bz2 suffix to its name
cd $OLDPWD		Change directory to previously used directory
pushd ?	directory	Change to given directory, remembering current directory on stack
popd		Change to topmost directory on stack created by pushd
pwd		List current directory
cd		Change to home directory
date		Display local date and time in local display format
date -R		Display local date and time in RFC2822 format
date -u		Display UTC time in local display format
date -u +%s		Display UTC time in number of seconds past the epoch
ntpq -p		List NTP time sources and their offsets
smbstatus		List current status of local SAMBA server
smbclient -L \\? -N	Hostname	List shares and related information about SMB server on given host
testparm -s		Test and display current SAMBA configuration
jobs		List current jobs
suspend		Suspend the currently running shell
md5sum ?	filename	Display MD5 checksum of given file(s)
sha1sum ?	filename	Display SHA-1 checksum of given file(s)
gpg --list-keys		Display GnuPG keys
gpg --clearsign ?	filename	Create a clearsigned copy of given filename with a .asc suffix
gpg -d ?	filename	Decrypt and display given file
gpg -c ?	filename	Encrypt given file using symetric cipher and prompt for passphrase, result in filename.gpg
top		Interactively display running processes (q to quit)
top -n1		Display a snapshot of currently running processes
htop		Display configurable interactive process viewer (q to quit)
iostat 5		Display information about io activity every 5 seconds (Ctrl-C to quit)
sudo jnettop -i eth0		Display information about network traffic (q to quit)
uptime		Display how long system has been running and current load averages
sudo gedit ?	filename	Edit filename with root priviledges
groups ?	<usr>	groups which X belong
youtube-dl ?	<URL>	youtube download - you tube
cmatrix -h		cmatrix help
cmatrix -s		cmatrix screensaver mode

The next thing I do is registering to the forum to thank the man!