Stuck In Apple Boot Logo (Apple Update 10.13.3)

So, I was not so excited when I got a notification that my Apple was ready for Apple update 10.13.3. Why? Because, like any previous updates, there will be not much I could notice from one updates to another. And I was right (again). Well, after a few times postponing the update, I restarted my MacBook Pro eventually. And… my MBP just won’t boot to the system. Yes! I was stuck in Apple boot logo!

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I’ve waited for hours after I read that the process could take from 15 minutes to 4 hours. Whaaat?!? 4 hours multiplied by 60 is 240minutes. Is not it a bit outrageous to give an estimation so far apart?

Finally, I lost patience and decided to restart. Since I have multiple boot disks, I instinctively hold the Option key every time I boot. Holding down the option button is basically to have what operating system I want to use. I have elementary and Ubuntu 17.10 besides Mac OSX on my MBP and my Chromebook.

Relax, I will not ask you to install Linux now (although I recommend you do it next time because it’s fun!).

All you need to do to get your Mac free from being stuck in Apple boot logo is:

  1. Hold the power button until it’s shut down (but not too long. We don’t want it to restart itself).
  2. Then turn your Mac back on while holding down the option button.
    You will see another drive that you did not create before. This drive is called Boot OSX or MacOS install, or something similar.
  3. Ignore the “unknown” drive. It turned out that MacOSX made the drive for the sake of updating because the drive was lost when I made it into the system.
  4. Choose your usual startup drive.
  5. When you’re inside, restart your Mac.
    This time, the boot view will change, with the updated installation update writing.

It should be from here everything is normal.And we’re no longer stuck in Apple boot logo. And, as it turns out, I do not see any visual changes in my old MacBook. What about in your newer MacBook?