Do you still remember that I once wrote about the fun of watching movies binge using Popcorn Time? Now we can do the same with uTorrent Web which we can get from uTorrent Web free download link.

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uTorrent is certainly not unknown to those who have the hobby of downloading large files from the internet. Yes, that’s because uTorrent is a very concise and sufficient torrent client. uTorrent Web is uTorrent with the additional function to support binge-watching, so we do not even have to wait for the downloads to finish in order to play the movie we want to watch.

Also, check our movie website here.

You can continue reading this screenshot while you’re waiting for the download to complete.

Interesting, right? The downside is currently uTorrent web only available for Windows. I’ve tried using Wine Stable and PlayOnMac in the casual way with no luck.

Most likely Windows will consider uTorrent as annoying software like most other torrent downloaders. Of course, you know why this happened. One of them is because most of the torrent usage is downloading pirated software and movies.