Material Design Definition in Very Simple Ways

Let’s talk about what is Material Design definition in very simple ways.

Short Version:

Material Design is a graphic design guideline made by Google consisting the “boxy shape” with the rule of margin, distance, collapsible menu, and functions.

That’s it, you don’t even have to read more than the excerpt gives you. >;)

Best example: Google Now.

(A Bit) Longer Version:

Well, I see that you have time. So, let’s move on. If you happen to be a customization maniac like I am, then the word “material design” should sounds familiar to you. It often appears when you are browsing new themes for Chromebook and WordPress.

With its strict guidelines, the design tends to look similar one to another. But, most of them never failed to function properly. That’s because it doesn’t include unnecessary cosmetics. The user will be intuitively guided to click or hover the mouse on the box with shadow, for example.

Other cool examples: WordPress Themes.