Zorin OS is one of so many Linux distros out there. What makes it special is that Zorin OS not only presents you the full functionality even with its free version, but also offers you the theme you’re familiar with.

You can set the theme to appear like other Linux, MacOSX or even your daily Windows desktop. Furthermore, you can even customize the button and very much everything else without the need of installing any Tweak Utility first. My personal opinion is that the default Zorin OS looks much like Phoenix OS.

With Wine comes pre-installed, you can even play Windows games on Zorin OS.

But Zorin OS…

But, it’s not really out-of-the-box (if you install it on a Chromebook like I do), you still have to update and upgrade the drivers and software in it. Well, it’s not unacceptable since its free and these processes give us benefit for the long run.

I found that Zorin OS seemed laggy at first, but that’s only before the updates. Perhaps that’s normal, since update/upgrade steps are highly suggested and common in every other Linux versions too.

Take Me There!

You can download Zorin OS for free from its website and you can also get the paid version which comes with empowered function.

Or, you can order the LIVE USB Installer here.

Not For You?

If you think this OS is not your cup of tea, what about other Linux distro I’ve tried such as: Gallium, Ubuntu 17.10, Mint Cinnamon and Mate, elementaryOS and EndlessOS?

What about some Android systems like PhoenixOS and RemixOS?

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